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The Swiss Timing Event Management System gives everyone involved in a sporting event an easy overview of all relevant information.

Registration and accreditation sub-system

Sub-system dedicated specifically to registration, accreditation, and sport entries that allows the efficient gathering of relevant data to confirm the credentials of international federations, athletes, volunteers, and the media. This information can then be provided for the production of accreditation badges.

Central results database

A central results database stores all competition-related information including reports sent by on-venue timing and scoring systems. In addition, the database allows the management of further data such as schedules, medal standings, competition background, news, venues, weather, and more.

Result information sub-system

A result information sub-system tracks schedules, participants, start and results lists, and medal tables. These can be transferred immediately to the central results database and accessed by the press or VIPs at any venue via Intranet terminals or by Internet on their PCs. Fans can also follow the competition on their own PCs to find out how their favourite athlete (or country) has performed in a specific event.

Broadcasting Solutions 

Swiss Timing’s wide-ranging offer of TV graphic services has been designed to ensure that networks and sportscasters around the world can offer attractive, high-quality graphics perfectly adapted to the specific needs of any sporting event.

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