duol domes

Duol Domes

We offer our clients a range of structural domes which are cost-effective, efficient, durable and weather-resistant solutions designed to create a fully-functional indoor sports facility.

Way to turn your outdoor facilities into indoor ones.  A global leader in air-supported structures. 

Sporting competitions can be held in better conditions. 
Fewer costs than conventional buildings 
The lifespan of over 40 years. 
 Extreme weather resistance 
Short project execution time
The ‘Smart Dome’ feature allows for full control. 
Energy-efficient structures. 


With certified and 100% Portuguese products, SPORTS PARTNER set trends in allying innovation, experience, knowledge, accuracy and professionalism.

They ensure to keep the athletes and their sports always in mind, relentlessly creating more and better for the sports world.

Provide a range of sporting equipment for any indoor or outdoor sporting facility, at any level. 

Sport specific solutions that are carefully designed and manufactured for
high-level sporting competitions around the world. 

Find the best solution for any area.